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​Boscoe's Brood's musical persona came from the music of such artists as The Beatles, Lov'in Spoonful, Emerson-Lake-and Palmer, King Crimson, Toto, Cat Stevens, Talking Heads, Sarah Brightman, and Tune Yards. Sam, the face and creator of Boscoe's Brood, grew up in Los Angeles and earned his musical stripes with an array of cover bands, as a singer-songwriter, and in recording projects. Adept in the guitar, keyboards, synth, and bass, Sam relocated in Central California where he initiated his "Boscoe's Brood" recording and live performance project with fellow artists and later expanded his musical ambiance into Monterey. 
Boscoe's Brood regularly tours throughout California and annually performs in Oregon and Washington state. With thoughtfully arranged originals and covers, audiences are treated to a sound that's soft-spoken, fast-moving, harmonic and laced with the delicate touch of a loop. Welcome to the fun, eclectic, and quirky world of Boscoe's Brood.


Boscoe's Brood 

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